Our Track Record

Synergics’ methods have been used by many clients in different industries including Fortune 500 companies, notably Dow Chemical, BASF, Nokia, Shell, Honeywell, ExxonMobil, Sumitomo, Tencate and Teijin, to name a few. Client use of our methods have resulted in the delivery of more than $20 billion in Client near-term new opportunities and new businesses over the last three decades.

Synergics Corporation

Best known for Accelerated Commercialization®, proven systematic approaches for more rapid business development, innovation and growth. These methods have consistently enabled clients to find, formulate and develop new business from new or underexploited assets, to develop complex integrated projects or to solve very complex technical and business problems in an accelerated manner. Whether employing Summit-Forum℠ (also Summit Conference℠) or Explore Discover℠ based approaches, reduced time to new customers, markets, sales, solutions, alliances, etc., Commercialization is a characterization of the results.

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About Us

Through the use of its proven Summit Forum℠ (inclusive of the Summit Business Development System℠ whether applied to developing complex projects or other technical-business need solutions) and Explore Discover℠ methods, Synergics' professionals convert concepts, technology, new or under-utilized assets into new business while reducing time to new customers, markets, sales, solutions or alliances by accelerating the following:

  • New or underexploited asset commercialization
  • Project and joint venture development
  • Alliance and partnership identification and formation
  • Business creation, development and innovation
  • Problem solution identification and implementation

Synergics' track record in delivering commercial results amounts to 10s of billions of dollars of Client near-term new opportunities and new businesses over the last three decades. Clients include technology startups to Fortune 500 firms primarily in the chemicals-materials-engineered systems arenas.

The Summit Forum℠ is the initial cornerstone market engagement and project capabilities development method while Explore Discover℠ is an innovation to address more diverse issues, offerings and prospects; and, the later provided the means for engagement of head-to-head competing firms on matters that could affect competitive advantage

Synergics is active globally with personnel and alliances in the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Synergics professional resource base are seasoned veteran upper-level business management with decades of successful front-line experience innovating and developing business with Synergics' Accelerated Commercialization® systems. Synergics' professional resource base is augmented with independent, well established, largely autonomous but highly collaborative and globally located specialist individuals and organizations