Some of our Clients

Representative Markets Where We Have Been Involved

Chemicals & Materials:

  • Adhesives, Sealants & Coatings.
  • Automotive Lubricants & Oil Additives.
  • Chemicals, Basic & Performance.
  • Polymers, Specialty & Commodity.
  • Films, Fibers, Textiles, & Nonwovens.
  • Composites & Specialty Metals.

Computer & Electronic Systems:

  • Aerospace.
  • Energy Storage.
  • Computer Aided Design.
  • Computer Data Storage Systems.
  • GPS/Navigation Systems (Defense).
  • Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment.
  • Telecommunication Systems (Defense).

Consumer Products:

  • Housewares & Durable Goods.
  • Household Cleaning Products.
  • Packaged Foods.
  • Home Furnishings.

Design, Building & Construction

  • Commercial Building Systems.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Residential Building Materials.

Fabrication Techniques, Processes and Systems:

  • Petroleum Refining.
  • Petrochemical Conversions.
  • Factory Automation.
  • Industrial Biopharmaceuticals.
  • Laser Bar Code Systems (DOD).
  • Plastics Fabrication.
  • Product Design & Engineering.
  • Papermaking process improvements.

Foods & Beverages:

  • Filtration Systems for Gas & Liquids.
  • Food Packaging, Modified Air Packaging.
  • Food Processing Systems.
  • Sanitation/Pathogen Testing.
  • Water treatment systems.


  • Biomedical Equipment.
  • Medical Diagnostics Devices.
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging.
  • Medical Fabrics & Apparel.
  • Pharmaceutical Delivery Devices.

Industrial Machinery & Equipment:

  • Motion Control Systems (Defense).
  • Paper Making Machinery.
  • Filtration & Separation Systems.
  • Waste Treatment Systems.
  • Desalination Systems.
  • Water Purification Systems.
  • Wire & Cable Manufacturing.

Project Results Include:

Market Intelligence:

Knowledge of what it will take to be successful from the target market's perspective.

Market Valuation:

The viability & value of your technology from the target market’s viewpoint.

Market Guided Technology Outsourcing:

Technology transfer, improvement, acquisition, licensing and divestiture.

Market Pull:

Product/technology push transitioned into market pull.

Market Penetration:

A coherent market & sales development plan collaboratively developed with those markets.

Market Entry:

A market entry strategy with initial sales to Opinion Leader companies.

Market Aligned Development:

Research and Development direction, prioritization and focus aligned to marketplace realities.

Market Tuned Strategy & Tactics for Business Creation or Renewal:

Concepts & actionable plans developed with top players in markets-with-opportunity where those "top players" become your initial customers/alliances with whom to initiate implementation

With accelerated delivery of results when compared to "business as usual" approaches.

Project Results Examples

A Summit Forum℠ based project for Dow Chemical to identify, prioritize and launch commercial applications with initial customers for their newly developed metallocene catalysis technology. Based on results of the Summit, Dow quickly introduced their Insite Technology, initially with Fuller Brush, then to other adhesive producers and subsequently to other Summit identified market segments and customers where sales grew into the hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

A Summit Forum℠ based project for Shell Chemical to accelerate market/sales development for a new multifunctional surfactant molecule in multiple industrial markets. One of the sectors explored was household cleaners and the Opinion Leader from Lehn & Fink catalyzed commercial actions that led to their becoming their first customer with their Lysol products the first application for Shells multifunctional molecule.

An Explore Discover℠ based project for Shell Chemical to develop and implement a 10-year plan for solvent technologies. The initiative assisted Shell to develop such a plan, whose implementation resulted in new products with integrated services and customer satisfaction systems leading to growth sustainable over the next several years.

An Explore Discover℠ project for Teijin to identify, prioritize and commercially launch at least four new application categories for an emergent fiber technology. The 8 month initiative validated a dozen new application categories with hundreds of millions of dollars in potential, initiated more than two dozen technology evaluation initiatives with market entry customers, and identified another two dozen customer candidates where deliberations on moving forward with application developments in collaboration with Teijin were still underway at project end.